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This image is suppose to be my blog banner but there seems to be a problem while trying to upload it, so ya, too bad no new banner for my blog =(


Beware people. This site is selling fakes... sooo fake, just look at the price

Some stuff to share

This is totally hilarious and retarded.

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Happy Holloween

Happy Birthday Yvette

Yea, done this for a friend as her birthday present. Acrylic on plywood. Happy Birthday Yvette...
Ok, back to FYP


Hello people, I wont be painting much cuz I'm gonna be busy with my major project. But if you guys want to ask me go paint, well, I suppose I can only on weekends. Yeap. Cya

Pract session 4

This was kinda last min. So ya, just went along. I will not paint at long wall again. The height it like, not suitable. And RJ cans sucks to the max. The wetness of the paint, the pressure, the nozzle, everything. My whole piece was damaged by the RJ black paint. It spoils my mood and I gave up on doing the effects I intended to do. But if you wanna bomb or tag, RJ is kinda good cuz its smooth and fast, unlike pylox. Well, thats the only good thing about it. And sorry Newa for painting over ur piece.

Stitched up

A.2H's piece. Pure text and a character.XalphaF's piece, first time painting
At last, my ugly piece of shit. And yea, thanks Aiz for ur encouraging words juz now and Dtail for your guidance just now also. Looking forward to paint wit you guys.

Prac Session 3

Hand was itching for the past few days so yea, headed to skatepark again to paint. This was the wall before we did anything to it. Antz, its Antz! and of cuz Miz. Sorry guys, feel guilty painting over ur pieces again. And Fuck, it got dark really soon. Really dark. Dont believe? U'll see

Dark rite? Pics below have been adjusted so tt images are clearer.

Wow, I see a ray of hope. I love bombing. Time: 1min 32 sec

After that went to Cine to meet Yu Feng, luckily his phone has flash. So thanks Yu feng for the pics. And we met Andrew Chow. He was errr ya, we met Andrew Chow.

My piece, was trying a 2D to 3D effect, but didnt really work out. My toning did improve abit.

Andrew's piece. My arrow seems to be pointing to his asshole. haha...

Stiched up piece. And ya, saw UNKLE's painting on the ground at skatepark. Cool......

1/2 tanned. Nike Sb Nov release

Spent my day at a foreign land ruled by an unknown PAP member. I was at Hougang street 21, the park behind blk 238 the whole afternoon watching Aiz (DTB) and members of WCC paint at a an event. Now my left 1/2 of my face is red and the other 1/2 looks alright. Dammit.

Nike SB November 07 release, nothing special except the 1st pair looks not bad. The last pair looks like Vans.


Well, nothing much to post about just some videos. Getting real busy nowadays. So, ya... videos.

China Bob...

Do watch this... Then the vid bellow. Soulja Boy - Crank That

Barney going hip hop. This is so gay man.