Bam! In The Childhood - Series

A request from a friend to draw a Pikachu. But I've decided to give it a lil' twist heh heh heh... this will be part of the upcoming "Bam! In The Childhood" series.

'Otter - Personal Disaster Pack' Awarded the Red Dot Concepts 2012

The Red Dot Concepts 2012 award ceremony was held on the evening of 19 Oct 2012 at the Red Dot Museum, where winners from various countries gather to celebrate their victory. As mentioned during the ceremony by Prof Dr Peter Zec, President of Red Dot Germany, only 6% of all the submitted designs (more than 3000) won a red dot design award this year, and all winning entries were being hand-picked by the board of jury which comprised of independent designers, design journalist and professors from all over the world. 

I was there to represent my country and receive my award for one of my design which I did in 2011; Otter - Personal Disaster Pack (or some would know it as the Otter Pack). 

The award was dominated by designers and design institution from China, Taiwan, and Korea; which made up approximately 95 - 98% of the winners. Although I am 1 of the only 3 Singaporeans that won this year, I felt proud to represent this little red dot when my country was being announced as it breaks the flow of the constant "xxx from CHINA!", "xxx from TAIWAN!", "xxx from KOREA!" (which went on for 4 hours). Looking at the amount of award winning designers groomed by these continental giants, I feel that we, local designers, need to buck up!

The online exhibition can be viewed at, or you can head down to the Red Dot Museum (Singapore) to view the winning entries which will be displayed for a year. 

Check out my victory walk at: 


Crowbar Awards 2012

Not too long ago, I joined the ranks of Lasalle students who dominated the Crowbar Awards once again this year. I have been awarded with a Crowbar Awards - Silver for my graduation project, Omamori - Health Monitoring kit.


10 Oct 12 Production

 Muton (Indonesia) x Stranger x Beat x ASTM/Rise x Blynk x Ghost

Toxic Wasteland Production

Stranger x Beat x Blynk

Toxic Wasteland

Digital piece by myself and Stranger.

Dining Room wall

Was commissioned by a friend to do up a wall for her dining room.


Mendaki Learning Festival: Titans Wall

Was commissioned by Mendaki to do a 3 day display and showcase for the Mendaki Learning Festival @ Singapore Expo together with Stanger and Klaxon99. The aim was to showcase what Singapore Graffiti Writers are made of, and to also encourage and educate the public about this often misunderstood art form. 

Poseidon by myself, Zeus by Stranger, and Hades by Klaxon99


Blynk x Miz-e x Stranger x Rise

TAC Wildstyle Session

Welcoming our new TAC member Beat, also member of SBC, and reppin DTB. Wildstyle session that almost got stopped by National Youth Council who called the cops on us before clarifying matters.

L>R: Bony, Klax, Stranger, eBat, Blynk, Beat

Titans Don't Budge

Titans Don't Budge. This message goes out to the one that destroyed TAC's previous piece.
L>R: Bony (Blockbusters), Klax, Stranger, Blynk

A big shout out to all TAC members around the world

Free Sticker Lady

So a person who makes people smile and laugh with her art deserves to be punished more severely than a PRC bus driver who ran over an old lady with no sense of remorse? 3 years jail for someone who brought  smiles to the faces of many who live in this miserable country, compared to few months jail term for the mothafucker who angered entire nation. Where is the justice?

Come on world, I'm giving you a chance to laugh at our pathetic country once again.

Here's the link to view her works

TAC Bumble Bee Production

My first production with the TAC guys. This was done back on 28 January 2012 together with Dem, Trasem Stanger, Bony, and EBat.

L to R: Blynk, Dem, Trase, Stranger, Bony, EBat

Resonance Exhibition

Resonance Exhibition

An Ethnographic Revelation by Seventeen Product Designers
"Product designs inspired by the Sarawakian culture."

Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Blk F level 1 #F101, Lasalle College of the Arts

Official Opening:
3 February 2012, 1830hrs

Open Daily (except Mondays) from:
4 February 2012 - 29 February 2012, 1000hrs - 1700hrs

Siloso Beach Party Showcase 2011

We were once again invited to do a live showcase for the Siloso Beach Party 2011, with the team of 'Hydro'. However, this time it was a little bit different. Each piece was given only and hour time limit to finish and this is what I came up with while everyone is partying hard.

16 ft x 8 ft panel at the Main Arena, done by Stranger, Klaxon99, El and myself (fonts) in 1 hour

8ft x 8 ft panel by me
The video below was filmed and edited by a fellow crew mate from TAC, Klaxon. Enjoy