Hello Motherfucking Pussy

These drawings are in response to events that happened over the past week right after the hazardous Indonesian haze. Yes, Hello "motherfucking" Kitty sold at Mc'donalds, that turned my fellow yellow skin citizens into mindless zombies (again). Queueing up overnight, relationship breakups, food wastage, paying SGD$126,000 on eBay for all these shit. And worst of all, grown men fighting over these worthless plush mutants in public.

Now, you pay $126k for this shit.
 Fight over this in your manties

Leap of Faith, and Freedom

Only the brave

Will you view the world through your own eyes, or will you view it the way you're told to?

Sunday At The Training Shed

Was invited by ClogTwo to paint at The Training Shed the following day of StreetFestival together with Antz, ClogTwo, Ink10, Dale, 9Micro (Myanmar), Sheryo, The Yok, and Noob. Great music, good company, nice people, what else do you need. Lights...

Ups to ClogTwo for the Video

(Photo Credits: Sideshow.sg)

Singapore StreetFestival 2013

Klaxon x Stranger x Dem x Blynk

Did a live showcase with fellow TAC boys for this year's Singapore StreetFestival outside Far East Plaza. Thanks to all who came down to support and chill.

Note to all, decipher the meaning behind this piece yourself.

Just Writing My Name | Singapore

Was selected by Microcity together with fellow writers from various local crews to represent the Lion City graffiti writers in for the Just Writing My Name Singapore chapter, organized by Microcity and supported by Montana Cans. Thou the sun was a killer that day, but nonetheless, we had fun.

Thanks Microcity and Montana Cans for the opportunity.
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Big ups to Klaxon for the video.