Featured Design

One of my design was recently featured on famous Industrial Design website, Yanko Design. Truly honoured.
To view, please go to:

Kids say the darnest things

Quick impromptu session at Keming Primary School
L>R: Libre (Mr Pro), Slacsatu (Mr Handsome), Blynk (Mr Gorgeous), Stranger (Mr Bean)

Work In Progress

Got back to something I have not done since 2005. Marker rendering.

Officially Official

Skinny Boys Coalition (SBC) is officially official

Battle of the Crews

First ever SBC production for the 2nd Cathay Blank Canvas Graffiti Competition, Battle of the Crews which won us 3rd place.


Crew Battle

Blynk is in together with 2 other artists as Skinny Boys Coalition (SBC) crew. Be there... 2-7pm at The Cathay on 11 June 2011