A collaboration of graffiti and visual artists on the 1st of october till the 10th, 2007.
Location - Somerset, near Cineleisure. All you SG fanatics are welcome 2 watch the live painting while enjoying the food at the kopitiam there -photographers, see if you can get the live action immortalized in your lenses.writers,gather up 4 the nyc long wall collaboration.its gonna b a production,not free 4 all, ppl. beware the sticker war zone!

p.s- No, dont come 2 early in the day coz we are not crazy ppl who likes 2 get burn by the sun!And plz,bring a fren,or 2 ,or 300.

(note from Slacsatu of zincnite crew [ZNC])


Next production. On the "Caution, Wet Floor" yellow shit thingy outside the toilet. Gonna kope it XD

And my painting is not completed yet.

Needa find a wall to practice.

So many things I wanna do but so little time.

Armed BLyNK

Quick rendering with Photoshop CS2 of a quick sketch out of boredom. Will be doing a fully colored with background version of it. Till then...

Cold as Diamond

Finally got it. Diamond Supply Co. tee is finally here and got it from BlackChamber. Too bad they dont have the turquoise one. Whyyyyyyy....

I want this tee from Stussy Winter/Fall collection too.. lol since I cant get the fucking Freshjive one with Mickey's middle finger.

Inter sec-school graff comp

Headz up Ngee Ann Poly is organizing an Inter-Secondary graff comp on 22nd November 2007, please help spread theword thanks! Email Phyreman at scopeone@hotmail.com for entry forms.

Title of Activity : “Fundamentals”
Inter- Secondary School Graffiti Competition
Nature of Activity : Day Event
Date of Activity : 22nd November 2007
Time of Activity : 0900 - 1700
Venue of Activity : Student Plaza, NgeeAnn Polytechnic

Obstacle Course From Hell

glumbert - Japanese obstacle course from hell

If you're able to pass this, NAPFA would not be a prob

Little talents

8 yrs old DJ Sara and little DJ Ryusei. Respect this shit man...


I'm tired.
My muscles are tight; tomorow they will ache I guess.
I'm dissappointed with things and my NAPFA results.
I need to start training again.
Only Qing An passed NAPFA and got a Gold.
I nearly died while running 2.4 cuz air couldn't go into my lungs but I managed to complete it.
I should quit passive smoking, not like I want to inhale the smoke.
I'm rushing my work.
And I'm having a killer headache.


Dont laugh for those who dare not even go attempt. You guys will know the hardship the next time round.

Back to painting

Got a freaking headache today. My injuries in my knee from 3 yrs ago are starting to ache again. I could feel the pain in the exact spot. Bad, and tomorrow is NAPFA. I muz get a silver at least. And I started paintin' today. Small, not big. Mixture of aerosol, acrylic and marker. Dont buy OMNI brand acrylic, it sux to the max and it freaking cost me $10.10 for 12 tubes and I finished one tube in like 10mins? This sux. Gonna upload my finished piece once its completed. I wish my mum let me paint my room.

Anybody know of any smooth paint that would last other than acrylic paint?

Wall Deco

I suddenly find interest in painting walls. Not with roller brush. As in wall decoration. Anyone up for it?

I dont really feel good today and I'm feeling sick. This is bad

I just dont understand somethings and I bet nobody else can explain it to me clearly except this particular person.

NIke AF1 - Sakura

SJ u might like this

Its $1500 bucks. =D cuz the details are laser cut

Crit is over

Finally P3 final crit is over. Took some photos of the crit. It consist of both bikes and furniture designs. I'm so tired, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Smart China guy that used a mirror to reflect another half of his unfinished piece.

At last, my police bike on display together with other unfinished bikes. Kinda sucky haha, BUT, I'm gonna finish it up.


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the best way to mend your pants if it splits. Quick, Cheap and Easy. Try its yourself. Btw, the person in the image is not me.

Supreme Tribute

Ok, this 1 is finally done, dragged for too damn long, so I juz finished it off. Tribute to Supreme Dunks. This sucks. Many websites could not post pics in CMYK format. Dammit
Nigel Chen
One of our PID seniors with god like sketches. Respect man!!!

Vandalism is fun... Just a quick doodle b4 we left sch.

Noise 07?

Should I join Noise Singapore 07? Or should I not cuz I might embarass myself, cuz I'm not a friggin graphic designer.

Muse - Time Is Running Out Life

Look at the crowd man, this is the kind of concert worth going to. And Godammit, Linkin Park is coming to S'pore in Nov and I dont even know whether should I go or not.


NBA New York Knicks LogoStussy Tee KiksTyo Tee

Is it still worth it?

Sometimes, it just doesnt seems to pay off to care for a person. Sigh*
Is it still worth continuing to care for tt person?
Btw, PID studio tagged.


Juz completed this shit. Plain background cuz I cant be bothered to think of something better. I'll do it when I feel like it. Damn, my attitude is bad... People who recognise my work will know what this image means...

Female Sneaker Fiend

Ok, found a website for female sneaker freaks. Esp you SJ. Here you go. http://www.femalesneakerfiend.com/

Clearer pics.

I've got clearer pics of Sole Obsession: Chapter 3 event. Geddit from me if you guys want.

Fucking disturbing

This fucking Pinoy guy took one of my graffiti work and uploaded in his Friendster pic. Not only mine, alot of others also. Fucking pinoy, dunno how to ask permission issit.

I was wearing my Visual Terrorist shirt out, with a print of a poker doted naked woman in a erotic pose. Many ppl keep staring at it from the very 1st day I wear it till today, something fucking disturbing happened.

I was in the train on my way to town at Dolby Ghaut and this Pinoy maid keep staring at my shirt and she start smiling to herself. Fuck... And the Pinoy man infront of him keep staring too and then guess wat he did. HE FUCKING START TO TOUCH HIS DICK IN THE TRAIN WILL STARING AT MY SHIRT!!!

Pinoys are damn thick skinned. Thicker than ShafK (I purposely mis spell you name to disrespect you for appearing in out lab after being chased out by me) and his dogs.

Ups for sole Obsession

Sole Obsesseion Chaper 3 was great man... I'll let the blur images do the talking since I'm lazy to type out. Pardon for the blur images, at least its better than nth...

Darbotz, all the way from Indonesia painting the main door before the event started.

Here comes the big bosses... free beer, free food, and goodies.
The event started... Lvl 1, new upcoming release of Addidas and New Balance sneakers.

PS1, Lux Croc Skin and dunno wat shoe... Lvl 2, Customs
Hypethetic with Antz

Phu!Forget who...The Killer Gerbil Sabotage

Very Masa

LazyTagging... At Haji Lane, Haji style...

My pickups for the day. My no.7 out of 40 tee from the event and my freebies

And this fucking pack of green tea condom, I'mma get rid of it man, if not i'll be in deep shit.