The Cathay: Blank Canvas Graffiti Competition

The Cathay: Blank Canvas Competiton
Theme: Black & White Halloween
Time given: 4hrs

Theme was revealed last minute and I just did a freestyle piece. Aerosol FTW, no to brushes, except small canvases.

Keep me going

It's been quite awhile. Here's something to keep my brain going. For a friend.

Blessed by an angel

Acrylic paint on 24 inch x 12 inch canvas
SGD $400

The Exchange: Blynk x Stranger

We beat the rain

I Learnt Alphabets in Kindergarten, My Way

Acrylic paint and paint markers on paper.

Thanks for the love from the US

Basic brushed metal wallpaper

Wallpaper up for grab for your 13 inch laptops. Click image for wallpaper. This is how it looks...

Gay Shit

Played around with Photoshop to try out new stuff since the weather is so bad, I couldn't go for my run. Don't really like the background thou. Should've kept it plain. But who gives a damn since its just a tryout. But I swear I'll never do this again unnecessarily. Its too tiring...

Just toying with photoshop

Just fooling around with Photoshop. Nothing much.

Singapore Street Fest Showcase at Plaza Singapura

Second showcase for Singapore Street Festival 2010 at Plaza Singapura along with other artists like CenoTwo, Miz-e, Dyno, Newa, Klaxon99 and Mes Oner. The image below is only part of the entire piece. Will upload the final production as soon as the image is ready.

Singapore Street Fest Showcase at Scape

First showcase for Singapore Street Festival 2010 at the new Scape building, along with Raze, Klaxon99, CenoTwo, Mes Oner, Miz-e and Soul.

Thanks to those who came down to show their support, and the tons of pretty babes for their "wooo" and "wow"s, you're the best.

Artkhalytis x ArrowSoul Warriors Represent.


Going back digital once in awhile

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS3

Nanyang Arts Fest 10: Colorworks

I was invited by Nanyang Technological University to do a 4.8m x 1.2m live showcase for their Nanyang Arts Fest 10 with the theme, Colorworks. Job wasn't really up to my standard thou, due to earlier wrist injuries. My wrist was hurting and shivering like crazy halfway through my piece but still manage to handle it some how. Anyway, heres the piece.

Thanks NTU, and the guys who looked me up.

R.I.P Dare, May you beautify the ugly heavens

Goodbye to my favourite artist, Sigi Von Koeding aka Dare, one of the greatest wildstyle writers of all times. He has always been my inspiration ever since I started graffiti. More details about him here.
Rest In Peace

Rest in Peace Dare † 06.03.2010 from I Love Graffiti on Vimeo.


A little sneak preview of whats gonna happen. For more info, do check out NAF10.

Ford Everest Photoshop Render

Something which drained my energy and time for the past one week. Here it is, a photoshop render of a Ford Everest. Enjoy

Human-fish thing

This took quite awhile to finish due to some wall problems and stuff but its finally done. A mural upon request from a relative of mine. First time using Ironlak. Seriously I'ld prefer Ironlak to Montana due to the super fast drying speed and the nice smell. I have not tried any special caps with the Ironlak cans yet but I sure hope it fits well.