Left to Right: Blynk, Skillz (Character & Font), Ceno (Font & Portrait), Beat (Font), Ceno (3 Portraits), Aizen (2 Portraits & Font), Skillz (Font)

It was a fun production. Everything was coincedental kinda inpromtu.

211108 Production

From Left to Right: Skillz (Font & Character) x Blynk x Aiz x Beat
[click on image to view full pic]

Happy Halloween

This was a tough job I swear but I kinda enjoy it. Anw, Happy Halloween


Yes, its been quite long since I last painted. Yet again another solo session by myself. A new style that I've developed since the previous few in my blackbook. Hope it works.

Party Buddha

Its like finally done after so long. From the preview few posts ago. Was busy and didnt have time to finish it up.
Enjoy, hope you guys like it.


Its been quite awhile. And a solo prodo today and a bunch of lil kids came along and joined me. Hellboy and tag by me, background by me and the lil kids. Kids can be irritating, very irritating...

"We Love Emulsion" production

Last session with Skillz before I get my head shaved. It was a good one. Till the next time, cya.


Seriously, 7CF sucks. Diluted paint and its hard to dry. I sepnd 1/2 of my energy to press the cap everytime i needed that color. But the cap is freaking good on pylox. Yes, juz for the cap. Anyway, character designed by Eewnice. I still need more practice!

New Kicks by Hypethetic

New freaking cool kicks by Hypethetic. Check'em out. Do contact them if you're interested. Nice one guys.


Graff Jam 08

Another nice Saturday at the skatepark, prolly the most active and lively place in Singapore, where the graff jam was held.

A big shout out to all writers who were present both in the afternoon and in the evening.

May we have more events like this in the future.

And thanks Klaxon for the music and thats a freaking cool ghetto blaster.


Ok now I've the pic of the 2nd wall.

Click on pic to enlarge, I'm sure you know that

My piece, right in between of Skillz and Yugo

Graff Jam

This coming Saturday, 10th May. Full day graff jam at Somerset skatepark. Bring your friends.

Starting off with (msg from TraseOne) :

And starting at 5pm, the real graff jam. Support your local artists dammit!!!

We should support each other

Something to share. Featuring Nash and Blade

270408 Prodo

This was a shit ass prodo due to lack of paint, we could not finish up the background.

Bombing Guide

Simple bombing guide. SPOT>BOMB>SNAP>RUN>SMILE

2nd Photorealism attempt

This is my 2nd photorealism attempt. Yes, its a nose. Apparently I think I did better than the previous attempt. Noses are much easier than eyes.

1st Photorealism Attempt

My 1st attempt for photorealism. Man, it sucks. proportion looks weird. Its really damn difficult. But was good experience thou.

Diamond Supply Co.

My submission for Diamond Supply Co. tee design comp on Hypebeast Forum.


L > R : Xeno, BLyNK, Yu
A quick one. Did the crystal ball representing the moon and the skyline.
Turquoise on black rocks.

Crowning Stroke Tee Design Comp

Yea, my submission for the comp. Allowed to use max 4 colors, so thats it. Theres something wrong with my image so view it >here<>

I'm back!

Its been a long while. And yes! I'm back on the scene...