The path just seems to rough, too rough for me to walk on. For a moment I thought I could be happy but I was wrong

Funny pics

Ups for Phu!

Phu! x Plastikxp x New Balance = Rebel/Resist

Phu! for Sole Obsession Chapter 3: The Customisers Collective happening this saturday, Haji Lane, Know It Nth, 1930 - 2230... Do check out his cool work in his blog people...


In this world of calamity
Dirty looks and grudges and jealousy,
And police abuse their authority.
Media clowns not know bout variety,
Single parents need some charity.
Youths need some love and prosperity,
Instead of broken dreams and tragedy.


I need to vent my frustration NOW!!! I need to do something big... Something I've never done b4. Fuck, I hate this feeling, its been going on for like days and I just felt so unpleasant suddenly cuz of something that I predicted came true again. Of cuz something unpleasant to me...

Fuck, I want to splash paints on canvas.... I want to hit the canvas repeatedly with the brush...

L’ile aux Ashby


A graphic designer and a legal executive duo that’s both interest in fashion starting our own label called L’ile aux Ashby.

L'ile aux Ashby can be found @ The Lawn, 38 Ean Kiam Place. Designed In Singapore, 15A Mohammed Sultan Road. Suite Stuff, 53A Haji Lane. Dulcetfig, 41 Haji Lane. Déjà Vu Vintage, #03-12A Mandarin Gallery 333 Orchard Road. Niche, 34 Haji lane.

Checkout people, some cool stuff...

Show your love and support for local designers

A Weird Encounter

Hoo, Sui Zhar Bor

Who ever is watching, this is your girlfren... =D


Went to DIS to visit this afternoon and saw some changes. New thingys and new painting on wall, nice 1 Adam... and the other guy whom I'm not sure who he is.

Then went to Mustafa to get some paint, but didnt manage to get any. And guess wat, I managed to find those Fapestas (fake bapestas) hahahaha....

Ooooo, my arm looks big in the pic. Hahahaha

And Fapesta is only $39.00.. A muz buy

And I'll nv ever go Mustafa again. Its horrible, the crowd, the air, the chaoticness, the fakes, the rejected good. I'm traumatized...

Hype Updates

SJ, I found some stuff u might be interested. 2 of those below...


I have the urge to challenge this particular person to a fight. I dont know why but recently I feel like inflicting pain or serious damage on this particular person. If I could kill him, thats even better. Pretending hes my enemy and killing him in the most drastic way using a gun is no kick.
I want his blood to be on my fist...

I need to destress. I'm sick and tired of P3 and some other matters.

Ok I'm sick

Transformer Origami

The Customisers Collective

Sole Obsession 3rd Chapter presents The Customisers Collective
1st Sept, 1930 - 2230, Know It Nothing, 51 Haji Lane. Be there...
Featuring: Lazy, Darbotz, Spoonman, PhuEk!, Hypethetic, Ol’ Charlie’s, Republic Union, Killer Gerbil, Very Masa and Sabotage?

Upon Request

Ok, I'm gonna remove the post before bout those motherloving pig fuckers upon request from Chowder since she say its damn bad, but I dont think so. Ok, I'll remove it at 2359, Sunday. 0000 Monday you wont see it anymore.

I'm not stubborn now. =)

And I am not afraid if those dogs come find trouble with me, what can they do? This is my blog and I got the rights to write wat I want. And its just too bad if I you saw it. Blame it on your luck.


Give me 1 pair, cuz I need 1 pair. Soon, I'm gonna be stomping in my Air Force 1s. Yay, my new AF1s... Sweet

New Blog

New blog, so the old one wont be in use anymore. Cheers