Its been a long time

Yea, you guys know what to do; click on the image for a bigger view.
Well, its been a long time since I last worked on the wall. So here it is, something I've been developing on all these while. Hope you guys like it.

From L to R: Wan (characters), Miz-e (fonts), Me (fonts), CenoTwo (characters & fonts), Miz-e again (characters), Wan again (characters).

Its been a grreat day except for the ants and the faulty Montana can.

Blynk won 2nd

I won 2nd place for the Health Promotion Board x Backalley graff comp as mentioned in the previous post. Over and out.

Photos credit to Weiwen

"Your Life, Your Canvas" Graffiti Competition

I was selected for the finals for the Health Promotion Board x Backalley's "Your Life, Your Canvas" graffiti competition under the solo category, for World Aids Day. Well, its my first competition. After not painting all these while I guess my control has deproved quite abit.

Ol' Skoo Behbeh

Its good to go back to the roots every once in awhile when your brain is all fucked up with zero inspiration.

Are you strong enough to stay?

Its sad to know that artists are leaving the scene due to the current situation here in this god damn beautiful island.

" “You can really tell that they want the space to work,” said Zero, waving his arm to indicate the expanse of the park. “It’s not very big, but it’s better than nothing.” "

Channel News Asia

Tag Em'

Stickers up for download. Click on the image, save em' and print them.

Ad for Nippon Pylox

The ad for Nippon Pylox is up

Hwa Chong Graffiti Workshop

My very first graffiti workshop.
A quick simple piece for demo.
School is definitely fun, somehow I miss school.
Thanks guys for the time.


"I was, after the fashion of humanity, in love with my name, and, as young educated people commonly do, I wrote it everywhere"

Goethe,Poetry and Truth

Singapore Arts Street 09

This was my very first live showcase. A big thank you to all those that came down to show your support. Had an interview with Nippon Pylox crew but I think I fucked it up.
From Left to Right: Mister Bombster , Blynk , Aizen , Klaxon99

Singapore Arts Street

11 and 12 Jul 09, Marine Parade, 11pm onwards.
Do come down and support all our local artists, musicians and dancers.
I'll be painting on the 11th with Klaxon, Aiz & Bombster.
See you there.
For more info please visit

Part 5, To Be Continued

I see your berberd. And I prefer to paint outdoors. Please free the walls.
Please Singapore, dont kill your own name.
We've gone far enough to the other end of the world to spread your name.
What we want is just a few walls.
I see your berberd
To view the process please click on the image below:


Somerset is dead
Youth park is dead
Skatepark is rather dead
Even Cinelesure is dead.
No more passerby
No more curious crowds
No more Pinoy maids hanging out
No more foreigners taking photo
No more filming
No more atmosphere
People dont even want to walk by the plain wall anymore.
I bet Botak Jones didn't expect this.

Blackbook Development

"If adandoned dogs can be accepted into a house and call it home, why can't graffiti be accepted into a society and be called art"
- Clogtwo.

Part 1, To Be Continued

I swear the real thing looks much better than this.
It looks hideous in the photo.
Try to imagine it additional 25% nicer.

To be continued...

R.I.P my Friend

Left to Right: Blynk, ASF, Skillz, Smezz
Smezz was painting her first time.

This piece was dedicated to you my friend.

Hope you find peace in your afterlife.

Thank you and farewell