Trying out mapping of background image on a surface.
Stranger x Blynk
SBC, LCA Represent

Big shout out to Jaba and Sheryo

Singapore Street Festival 2011 Coffee Table Book

Singapore Street Festival 2011, Graffiti Coffee Table Book was launched today. Yours truly has been featured in the book with some of the local and foreign street artists that have contributed to the graffiti sector of the annual Singapore Street Festival.

Mohican Love

Acrylic Paint on 405 x 305mm Canvas

Singapore Street Festival 2011

Some local and foreign street artists and graffiti writers, including myself, will be featured in the upcoming Street Visibility coffee table book for the Singapore Street Festival 2011. Be sure to check out your school libraries for a copy.

Recent Features

Recently, one of my works has been featured on Yanko Design. But I have just found out that it has also been featured on Amp Design Lab, New Tech Reviews, and also New Consumer.

Style Wars 2011

The National Youth Council's Youth Park has been dull & dead for centuries and it's time to bring the area back to life. Today, graffiti writers gather to add a lil' flavour to the rotting concrete slab. Surprisingly, our locals are more attracted to artists coating the wall with emulsion rather than painting their pieces.

Sorry to the Caucasian couple who have been waiting for house to see the artwork but unfortunately couldn't wait long enough. If you happen to chance upon this site, this is it.
L to R: MesOne, Libre, NewOne, Stranger, Scribe, Blynk (Myself), Beat, Miz-e, Mush, AlotOne

Citrus Blitz

A big shout out to our fellow graffiti artists who are on the other side of Somerset; Killas, ClogTwo, Dopes, Dem & Antz. And to those who dropped by the jam; TR853-1, Slacsatu, Ebat, Locase, Klaxon99 & Cable. Write on!

Honda V4 Concept Marker Render

Back to basics with a Honda V4 Concept Bike MARKER RENDERING.