TAC Wildstyle Session

Welcoming our new TAC member Beat, also member of SBC, and reppin DTB. Wildstyle session that almost got stopped by National Youth Council who called the cops on us before clarifying matters.

L>R: Bony, Klax, Stranger, eBat, Blynk, Beat

Titans Don't Budge

Titans Don't Budge. This message goes out to the one that destroyed TAC's previous piece.
L>R: Bony (Blockbusters), Klax, Stranger, Blynk

A big shout out to all TAC members around the world

Free Sticker Lady

So a person who makes people smile and laugh with her art deserves to be punished more severely than a PRC bus driver who ran over an old lady with no sense of remorse? 3 years jail for someone who brought  smiles to the faces of many who live in this miserable country, compared to few months jail term for the mothafucker who angered entire nation. Where is the justice?

Come on world, I'm giving you a chance to laugh at our pathetic country once again. http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Singapore/Story/A1Story20120604-350551.html

Here's the link to view her works