Session 270108

Rainy session at Youth Park with Yu since couldnt get into finals for the Youth Olympic Games 2010. Gotten kinda rusty since didn't spray for some time. Oh well, pactice makes perfect. Gotta work on my control a lil bit more.

Oh well, I'm not gonna say wat Yu painted. Its his 2nd session, give him some encouragement.

See that kaypo there? His 1st bombing session. I bet he got high.

Nike "Yi" Air Force 1 Supreme Low

Yi Jianlian, the 20 year old kid from China who was recently drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks as the sixth pick overall in the 2007 NBA Draft. Yi Jianlian, a player to look out for this year, will be getting his second sneaker from Nike. His first shoe was the Air Max More 180 BB "Yi" and now, Nike has offered a limited edition "Yi" Air Force 1 Supreme Low. These "Yi" Air Force 1's seem to be inspired by the Gucci colors and monogram. They will be releasing at Nike Tier Zero accounts such as PHANTACi in Taipei. Look for these to drop sometime in February 2008

Dancing kids

I love kids, I'm gonna train my kid to dance for me like this in the future everyday. Just in case u nv watch MJ's Dangerous's vid b4, here you go.

Nick Pitera

Nick Pitera, remember the name. Go listen to him

New Bape Retail Store in Shibuya, Japan

Wonderwall is a Japanese interior design firm headed by Masamichi Katayama. Their most famous work includes all the Bape stores as well as other stores such as Uniqlo. The Shibuya Bape store opened for business a few months ago but if you haven't been there or experience it for yourself, you can check out these pictures posted here. The
Shibuya Bape store features a multi-color LED system for the stairs.

Where can we find such big and nice individual retail store in Singapore?!!!! Got la, Old Chang Kee lor.

The Urban Slithereen

Its finally complete. Yes, and its for the school's god damn Open House. Fuck man, this wooden fella made me suffer 3 weeks with 3 hrs slp everyday, and also my damn FYP. Anyway, its done. So if u wanna see it in real, please come down to TP open house from 10 Jan to 12, 12pm to 5pm. Come before those brainless fuckers spoil it with their itchy hands. And btw, 2 fuckers broke the handle and luckily I was able to fix it back.

From what I noticed, when people move around in big groups, they lose their common sense. When they're alone or in smaller groups, they tend to think. Anyway good luck to those itchy hand bastards who ate the lacquered peanuts. Please dont die.

Btw, this fella is a bike designed for police neighborhood watch. And its such a disgrace that local police used stolen bikes. Heres something for u suckers, stop using stolen bikes.

i am BLyNK tee

Juz having fun on one of the tee i took from sch's open house. The tee was actually meant for visitors, but u know, itchy hands.
I'm quite dissappointed with what some artist do recently, nothing to do bout this tee.

Muneer Hameer

Check out this guy, Muneer Hameer. Crazy sickass pianist who taught himself piano and learn songs by ear. Enjoy


Herakut At The Leonard Street Gallery

Primary Flight - Art Basel2007 - Miami, Flordia

Predator Doodle

Nothing better to do, so did this. A quick 15 min doodle and quick render with photoshop. Dedicated to all Predator fans out there. I want to watch AVP 2, dammit, daaaaamn it.